Civilian Act helps companies, organizations and NGOs to grow through strong visual storytelling and personal communication.

What we do. Civilian Act works as consultants in the field of visual storytelling and teaching programs/workshops for NGO´s, companies and organisations. Together with our clients we analyze their core needs and develop projects that visualize social innovations as well as highlight CSR projects and sustainability work. 

We work with a wide range of tools including still photography and filmed content. In addition to developing tailored assignments for our clients we also run our own projects on issues related to democracy, human rights, health, equality, education and sustainability. For example, film and exhibition projects.

Vision. After working more then fifteen years in the field of storytelling and teaching all over the globe we decided to take our vision to a new level through creating both projects and teaching solutions for our clients. We believe in ideas that can make difference for real and believe in positive impact in many directions.

Network. Together with the most experienced designers, writers, journalists and media partners we can provide our clients with an overall solution - from idea to print or filmed content as well as larger campaigns or film productions. Our long experience from the field of journalism together with some of the most skilled partners makes Civilian Act a more trustworthy choice for progressive companies and NGO´s.

Future. We are currently facing great challenges which require conscious decisions. Civilian Act believe that today's conscious businesses and organisations wish to actively engage with complex social challenges. Such a commitment not only contributes to a more aware and informed society, it also strengthens the relationship with shareholders, employees and customers, generating profitability and growth.