Pieter Ten Hoopen

The initiator to Civilian Act is the award-winning photographer, filmmaker and director Pieter Ten Hoopen. He has extensive experience in journalism, documentary work and has several major film and exhibition projects behind. Recent production highlighted the global exhibition project Child Mothers. A collaboration between UNFPA and Plan International. The exhibition has been shown around the world and highlighted as an exhibition at the UN headquarters in Geneva. His exhibitions and film projects have had a major impact over the years. Autumn 2015 was Pieter nominated for an Emmy Award in the US.


Maria Agrell

Experienced Project Manager and Communications Executive. For six years she run the non-profit organization Fair Play in Stockholm and published books, organized research symposium and produced documentary films in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, Friends and the Karolinska Institute. During seven years Agrell lived in the capital of Catalonia and worked on behalf of the Barcelona City Council. Background: Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Stockholm.

Stefan Bladh

Award-winning photographer, filmmaker and writer. He has spent several years in the former Soviet Union and Turkey, where he also lived for periods of time. He works mainly with documentary stories, exhibitions and book projects. His documentary book The Family received considerable attention both in Sweden and internationally. He has extensive experience in working with major projects - everything from production to coordination. Stefan also has background as a graphic designer.