Local Storytellers Academy is an initiative with the aim of changing perspectives at its' core. It strives to educate local storytellers and thereby create a more democratic and ethically balanced content.

Today's aid agencies, media companies and photo agencies suffer from a lack of diversity and equality in their journalistic output. A large proportion of reports by NGO's and media companies are produced by foreign journalists and photographers who only visit a country for a relatively short time. These are, for the most part, white men and women.

There is an obvious limitation to this perspective, whereby it maintains a stereotypical worldview. The image of the Third World is a recurring topic of discussion within journalism. With a post-colonial perspective in mind, we strive to create a new approach for documentation and journalism produced by NGO's, media companies and photo agencies.

Local Storytellers allows local journalists, photographers and videographers on location to depict stories, instead of the Western media. With this we aim to send a strong message to the rest of the world that new views on equality and democracy, locally and globally, must be established. Moreover, it is a model that facilitates substantial savings, both financially and environmentally.


With solid education and certification, these storytellers will gain greater credibility and reputation leading to increased opportunities, which will further create credible journalism while also promoting local excellence.

Civilian Act's associates, having worked around the world for over fifteen years, have built up an extensive international network of talented local storytellers. Such a network can only be built up through long term field work. These individuals form the basis of certified local storytellers, and will become involved in our future projects.