Civilian Act is building an international educational platform we call Local Storytellers. Through training and workshops we are giving local journalists as well as NGO employees better tools and skills to work with.

The founders of Civilian Act have over fifteen years experience of teaching and reporting on foreign affairs within developing countries and conflict zones. We have often been impressed by the wide range of local talent – professional photographers, filmmakers and journalists with extensive local and cultural knowledge but without the formal skills and networks necessary to gain access to the international media landscape.

This predicament is due to the over-riding shortage of formal education in journalism. The lack of democratic rights such as free and independent media make the situation for these journalists even more problematic. We believe that education in journalism in countries where democracy and press freedom is limited will be one of the main pillars of the west's future development work.

Local Storytellers enable companies, organizations and private donors to engage in the work of a more democratic and sustainable world.

By contributing financially to the Local Storytellers project, educational sites can be created that, in turn, provide opportunities for more balanced journalism and a more nuanced and critical perspective.

Local Storytellers are also our own CSR project, where 5% of all our earnings are re-invested in the project.