We believe in change through combining creativity and critical thinking. With our experience, we create strong communication where narrative and content are the focus. 

Content is often said to be king in today's new media landscape. The emphasis should however be placed on creating content of high quality and credibility, instead of the the never ending stream of noise that pervades today. Emotional response to current events drive our culture. Therefore it is more important than ever that these events are connected to actual and relevant knowledge.

We produce custom-made projects for companies and organisations who want to take greater social responsibility, strengthen and renew their CSR work and build their brand in a conscious manner. 

With our many years of experience in creating strong visual productions, we have developed a structure and a network which allows us to effectively reach out to the press, radio, television and social media and further to the political sphere, making these issues relevant to public debate.

A solution-oriented approach is common to all our projects. In addition to developing tailored assignments for our clients we also run our own projects on issues related to democracy, human rights, health, equality, education and sustainability. For example, film and exhibition projects.